Project Black PC (part 9)
12th and 13th April 2007

It's time to spray the chassis parts.

I decided not to spray these parts in my flat. My friend RJ has a small open sided shed that with a few plastic sheets that on a dry day makes for a reasonable makeshift spray booth.

First parts hung up ready for spraying.
Give a can of spray paint to the nearest martial arts expert and ask him to give it a good shake.

Always use a mask when spraying. Why is it I have to buy a new mask every time I need to replace the filters? Manufactures keep changing the design and stores never keep the replacement filters for the mask they were selling last month!

First coat of grey primer goes on. It looks so good I'm half tempted to do the whole PC in just grey primer, like the 55 Chevy in Two-Lane Blacktop.
More parts get primer.
The copper parts are sprayed... This is actually "Ford Aztec Bronze".
One day I'm going to make a wind chime out of PC parts.

The first blow over pf black before rubbing back. There are no photos of the rubbing back with wet and dry... because I wasn't about to pick up my camera with black sludge on my hands... and RJ couldn't take the photos because he had got bored and wondered off.
Emma brings coffee and cake... Essential for all good projects.
Mmmm... Satin black
For a cheap touch up spray the Halfords stuff isn't too bad. Note the "RJ" tag on the plastic sheet.
The bezels for the musketeer... No chrome on this PC it's got to be black, green or copper...
Copper it is.

The musketeer case stripped of all its bits
The musketeer case rubbed down ready for painting. I was going to spray this with a crinkle black but the can failed to work... The nozzle failed spectacularly and a stream of paint went everywhere... As I write this I still have crinkle finish on the fingers of my left hand.
Motherboard tray in a contrasting, high temperature, very mat black.
I'd used up all the paint so I cleaned up and went to see what RJ was up to...
Seems all the excitement became a little too much.


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