Project Black PC (part 10)
21st April 2007

It's time to Rivet the chassis back together.

I've been dreading this moment because it's the first opportunity to scratch the paintwork.

The the parts laid out...
Now how did this go to together?

I need 20ish rivets for this job... it was cheaper to order 1000 than 50. I am open to suggestions for my next project... but it must involve 980 copper rivets.
Masking tape is to protect the paint around the rivet. There seems to be a tenancy for the job to bounce or for me to slip as the rivet shaft breaks off. Either way I don't want to be doing too much in the way of touch up work on the paint.
Hmmm... The copper looks good against the black

The first plate all done. Can you spot the rivet that shouldn't be there? I just knew there would be one. In fact I did two in the wrong place... There's also a really big chip of paint... :-(
Drilling out the wrong rivet.
Good job I had a photograph to work from... There where a few moments of "which way is this supposed to go?"
Starting to look like a PC case again.
I really pleased with the contrast of that back plate... Pity it will be facing the wall when the PC is in use.
The 5.25 drive rack goes in... at this point I realised I will have to paint the DVD-Roms and any other hardware that slides in here.
This is a part I was really dreading. There are four tabs that need bending down. I had planned to cut them off, drill four holes and rivet them in place... I forgot and went a head and painted them.
I cushioned the jaws of these grips with duct tape (it has a million uses) and very gently squeezed the tabs down.
Neat job and the paint didn't flake or crack.


The before picture.
The after picture.
I still have to fit the Motherboard tray but I need to fit the standoffs and it's easier to do that while the tray is out of the chassis.
Even Moses is impressed


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