Project Black PC (part 13)
15th February 2008

After a long pause... Other things got in the way.

New parts have arrived.

Given the amount of fluff and dust that accumulates in my flat I have decided to fit filters to all the fans. Also trying some anti vibration gaskets. The fan filters are going to be modified.

International suppliers.

Three 80mm fans from Texas, brought over in my suitcase in August 2007. Because they are half the price in in the USA than the UK

Four 40mm fans from the USA by post. Because no one seems to supply 40X40X10 green led fans in the UK.

Bag of 8 led switches from Hong Kong by post. Because a bag of 8 switches from Hong Kong was about the same price as 2 switches from the UK.

Also in this photo and nothing what so ever to do with the project are a Nokia N95 8gb, a Sony Ericsson P910i, and £220 in one pound coins...

Fan filter at the top goes on the outside of the case anti vibration gasket goes between the inside of the case and the fan and the rubber pins hold the whole lot together and absorb some of the vibration. At least that's the theory.
Fitted rubber pins to filter back.
Fit filter back to case.
Pull pins through case.
Place fan on pins.
Pull pins tight.

Job done....

However I've found a problem. The filter covers clip on and unclipping them takes quite a bit of force, about the same force to remove the rubber pins. I think I may have to make a couple of changes. I may replace the rubber pins with studs that will allow thumb screws to hold the filter cover. Then file down the clips so the cover can be removed more easily. That way the filters can be removed and cleaned without opening the case.


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