The Hall

I wanted somewhere to hide my bike and recycling bin. So I decided to put a curtain across to hall, this I decided would need to be framed by something... An Arch would be nice. So the project grew and grew.

Plaster corbels being set to wall. With wire arch former before plastering.  
The paneling starts, just as junk mail arrives.  
Paneling finished and arch plastered.  
Part of my record collection. Housed at the moment in the hall coat cupboard.  
The paneling and other woodwork receives the first coat of varnish and stain.  

Wallpapered with William Morris paper. Many thanks to Ariaga for help with that. It wouldn't of been done without her skill.

The bookcase will eventually be in the living room.


Moses and the cast iron table. The curtains hide my bike and the recycle bins.

Still to be done:

1. Build a hallstand

2. Stain floor

3. Paper ceiling (I know I should of done that first... but I thought I could live without it... WRONG!)

The palm needed more light so it has been moved to the kitchen and replaced with a writing slope and one of those new new fangled telephones. Also added a barometer.  
My ebay hand cranked generator. Old telephone test equipment I think.  

I may wire this up to a bell in my bedroom.

Also I want to get a smaller version of the "Edison Electric Light" notice engraved on brass then mounted on a wooden Pattresse like the switches.



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