The Bedroom

Storage and a bed and lots more storage.

  This still from a BBC production of Daniel Deronda provided the inspiration for the colour scheme of the bedroom.
If only I could get the room empty this easily.

It's a very small room and I need to plan storage carefully.

This is only a rough idea of what I have in mind.

I saw this desk in an antique store in Charlottesville. I would like to see if I can fit a version of the pullout section into one of the cupboards.
I haven't decided which make or model lathe to get yet, or where to put it in the bedroom... But it's nice to find someone has already created a sketchup model of one to help me decide where it put it.

And here is a view from the north east corner of the room showing the wardrobes.

Hmmm... it's starting to look a little "snug" in there.

Machine tools like my lathe and milling machine will slide in and out of the worktop and there will be a blanking piece.
Not sure how this will work out around the angles at the other end of the room but I like the idea of a curved ceiling supported by ironwork.
I've put a wider top on the borrowed table saw. Here I'm cutting the sled.
Makes cutting safer and more accurate. Bout only as long as all my initial measurements were correct.
Let's take a look out the back door to see what the weather's been doing while I've been working.

Design for the pull-out / lift-up / bench-bed. Obviously this isn't finnished yet... I won't be trying to sleep on a 2" bar.

Hopefully I'll soon be adding a photograph of the real thing here.




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