Some of the Websites I have built.

Nemesis Promotions.
Built for my very good friend Uncle Nemesis, promoter of strange goings on in London for seven years. He's decided to take a break now but this shows something of the fun times we had.

Sarah Bernhardt.
First site I put together. A collection of lists about Sarah Bernhardt One day I may finish the short Sarah biography I'm writing. I only ever intend this as a starting point for researchers. It's brought me into contact with many fellow fans and enabled me to find audio and film footage I otherwise would never have found.
Bronze Age Craft.
The Web site of a very talented man, Neil is a craftsman specialising in recreating bronze age artifacts. He'll even teach you how to make a bronze sword.
Edna May
Stunningly beautiful, famous and fabulously rich... and you've never heard of her.
Probably the best alternative magazine in the world.
I'm no longer working on this site. However I'm sure a tiny bit of my code remains somewhere and it's still a cool mag.
Generation Xtras
Need a punk or a goth for your latest movie? Rent a real one here.
Wildlife Walks
New project. Watch this space.


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