May 2007
I did take many more photographs on this trip however the majority were taken on one of my stereoscopic cameras. Unfortunately there was a slight error on the battery front, the up shot of which was 2 rolls of unexposed film. :-(

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The Spanish Steps
John Keats lived (and died)
in the house on the left.
The Roman Forum from Campidoglio.
Adrienne, myself, and Dr Alan
Yes I'm wearing white!
I have discovered the cooling effect of white linen.
The Pantheon
built around 125 AD
What's the oldest building still in use in your town?
Our hotel
My room was up in the tower.
The vertigo inducing frescoed vault at The Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola
Painted by Andrea Pozzo
I can not find any more details and the photograph of the information did not come out. An incredibly detailed model of an imagined church encompassing all of mankind.
As far as I can remember it was the work of one man. It is about 6 feet across and he began working on it in his 70s completing it some 20 years later.
Largo di Torre Argentina
four temples, part of Pompey's Theater and cat shelter.

About 250 cats live here and over the years since the excavation of the four temples in 1929 it has grown from a place of refuge sought out by the cats to an internationally run cat shelter.
This is Eutropio
He is about 10 -12 years old and arrived at the shelter in April 2001. I wanted to take him home with me.
            Dr Paul, myself, and Dr Alan



Adrienne and Dr Alan
Adrienne and Dr Paul
Many thanks to Paul for inviting me to Rome. I will be returning.
Some of Paul's photos            
Paul, Geoff, Eric   The people carrier we hired for the afternoon. Check out my mad flyaway hair ;-)   Hotel Bar    
Me in The Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola            

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