Random photographs lifted from my phone.


Fun Fair, Covent Garden at Christmas
Uncle Nemesis
The most sensible person I know.
The houses across the road from me.
I was trying to photograph the crazy looking in a skip. Missed!
Soldering a computer fan.

A tree made out of chopped up guns at The British Museum.
The best thing to do with guns really.

Close up on gun monkey on gun tree.
Random hotel bathroom... Leeds I think.
Really big bed in same hotel.
Uncle Nemesis on the wrong platform.
Princess Louise Gentlemen's toilet.
I covert the tiles
I really covert the tiles.
I really, really covert the tiles.
One of my favorite building in Tottenham Court Road...
With a hideous modern shop front, there should be a law against it!
Cabinet in an antique shop in Devon.
The shop was never open.
My police lamp. Sherlock Holmes had one just like it.
View from digs in Whitby.
Another pub toilet... This time it's the Elsinore in Whitby. Nice tiles.
Hamlet had a pee in here I expect.
Old mill in Addlestone.
Ellen Terry's gaff.
Paignton & Dartmouth Steam Railway
Some sort of pump.
Lead plaque designating British Territory.
It's in RJ's back garden.
And this plaque states that this building in London was once Texas territory.
Rolly Dog
A display cabinet in an antique store in Texas. I want that cabinet.
Russell... Happy little beer drinker.
Dave and Lee Anne at the Twickenham Beer Fest.
Steam returns to Richmond.

See that fuzziness? That's Ruth that is.
In The Barmy Arms Pub

Big dog foot print at The Sherlock Holmes pub.
Somewhere in Devonshire
Thomas the cat.
"Oi! Charlie the menu is upside down"
"Yeah... and?"
All the best engines have brass and copper pipes on them.
These buggers can break a man's arm
Looks nice. Can't remember where it was.
Notice on toilet door.
More steam power
Best looking BBQ ever!
Abbey House... "we'll keep that bit at the top. Knock the rest down please".
Putting a sign up like that is just asking for trouble.
Nothing a good slap of Artex wouldn't fix.
I slept in that roundhouse in February.. Flippin' heck it was cold.
This stream ran through the back garden of the house my mother was born in. The house is a pub garden now.
Everybody is open for me.
This is what a pub looks like in Texas. Even if it looked like an elephant it couldn't look any less like pub.
The Thames at Twickenham.
Oldways Mansion, Paignton built by Isaac Singer.
Gemma and Ian get hitched.
Mr Biscuit when he was very, very tiny.


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