Project Black PC (part 3)
Sorry about the dull name.

I really didn't want this to turn into a full blown case mod. So I was reluctant to paint the case. For one thing it would mean stripping down the chassis by drilling out a ton of pop rivets (and I'm not sure where my riveter is). It would also mean scrubbing the parts, rubbing them down, priming, several coats of paint, tapping out the clogged threads, riveting the bloody thing back together. I decided to go out for a coffee and think about it. May be it was the coffee, may be it was the dull grey finish but I came home with renewed vigor and drilled out all the rivets.

I start drilling out a ton of pop rivets.
I am getting a new bath soon but just the same I did protect the bottom of the bath with some rubber matting. What I really need is a parts washer, or a really big dish washer.
Discordant wind chimes.
If my fiancee sees this I do hope she doesn't have second thoughts... Honey when we're married I'll do this stuff outside.

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